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Cor Ursae Herbs
City: Monticello, NM,
About Us
Cor Ursae Herbs (Heart of the Mother Bear in Latin), is the culmination of over 40 combined years in the interest, study and love of Herbs and Teas by Heather Rische and Avi Burg. Growing from a vision and sprouting into a cottage industry, Cor Ursae is dedicated to the highest quality; prioritizing organic, chemical free, wildcrafted and locally sourced ingredients. We are committed to offering our proprietary blends for an affordable price, with love and care infused into each batch! Cor Ursae is located in Monticello, New Mexico. Monticello is small farming community with year round water and an acequia system fed by seven natural springs held sacred by The Warm Springs Apache people. Located near Truth or Consequences in Sierra County, New Mexico, Cor Ursae is excited to offer our first four blends with plans for expanding our product line as the growing season begins this spring.

Heather Rische is an artist, writer, midwife, mother, farmer, educator, wildcrafter, activist and plant medicine maker with 25 years of experience in plant medicine and natural healing. She lives with her children and a menagerie of animals on an off-grid farm in Monticello, NM. Heather has long been an advocate for food cooperatives and creating localized food systems throughout NM, and currently is the Board President for the newly founded Prickly Pear Food Co-op in Truth or Consequences, NM.

Avi Burg is a musician, instrument-maker, bodyworker, avid dancer, father, sound healer, Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner, mushroom hunter, student of life, and lover of tea and the culture surrounding it. His interest in tea started when he went to England at age 2 and has only grown from there. He received formal teachings on herbology and the healing properties of plants at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 2001, and since then has advocated for the use of plants and food as medicine as a way of life. Since November of 2021, Avi has been an associate at NM Harvest, working in the warehouse and delivering and has shifted to outreach and producer with Cor Ursae Herbs.

Along with co-founding Cor Ursae Herbs, Heather and Avi created Hei Bae’s Tea Lounge (pronounced “Hey, Bye!”), a popup traveling tea lounge that brings their love of tea to events and communities throughout New Mexico. The tea lounge is a space that gives music, art, poetry, storytelling, community and culture a place to express itself in the midst of pouring and receiving steamy beverages with your friends, new and old.