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North Valley Organics
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About Us
North Valley Organics is a 3-acre urban farm located on three separate plots in Albuquerque’s North Valley. We grow certified organic, fresh market fruits and vegetables for sale to local school districts, CSAs and farmer’s markets in central New Mexico. We are a USDA-certified training site for those interested in principles of soil health and organic agriculture. We grow using a living mulch, minimal till cover-crop system that allows us to farm intensively while simultaneously feeding our soil. We are also deeply committed to growing and saving our own seeds. We grow, harvest, package and deliver all products ourselves, assuring maximum quality control, cleanliness and food safety.

At North Valley Organics we believe that understanding and respecting the biological life in soil and plants is the driving force behind organic agriculture. As organic farmers, we are always growing two crops: one cash crop for us and one crop that is dedicated to the soil microbes that sustain all life.

Based on these principles, we have developed a system for growing fresh market fruits and vegetables that is based on cover cropping, minimal-tillage and a dedication to growing and expanding the biological community in and around our farm. We are inspired by the writings of Rudolph Steiner and share the biodynamic worldview on agriculture. We also value the permaculture principals of holistic ecosystem management. We irrigate from ancient gravity-fed ditches while supplementing with a very modern system of drip irrigation. We also take a biological approach to solving the challenges of nutrient management, pest control and soil health by using compost teas and beneficial microbial innoculants.

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