The Ferm Brinery & Bakehouse
City: Albuquerque, NM,
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About Us
Cultured Food For A Cultured Life

Locally Sourced Organic Vegan Fermented Foods

The Ferm Brinery & Bakehouse is a fermented foods project created by me, Jacob. I grew up loving sourdough bread and my grammy's kosher dill pickles. Ever since I was a kid I gravitated towards savory foods and if it was sour, even more so.

Remembering back to my childhood, while my mother prepared dinner I would appear at the kitchen table producing my “science experiments”, an excuse for me to throw everything I could find into a bowl and mix it into a magic “potion”.

That experimental approach to food has culminated into an ever-growing collection of ideas, formulas, and techniques which have spanned a lifetime.
NM Sourced Ingredients