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Desert Spoon
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About Us
At Desert Spoon, we believe in the worth of our region's farmers! As a food hub, it is our mission to develop solutions that promote fairness and sustainability within the food system.

Moving produce is only one of many ways that we strive towards this goal. The local food movement is so much more than just the nourishment we consume. It's a means to achieve greater food security for our area and communities. Everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food at reasonable prices and farmers should be paid a livable wage for their meaningful work.

Through our strong partnerships with local growers, buyers, and regional organizations we aim to provide an equitable food system for our community.
Desert Spoon Food Hub was established in 2015 with a mission to build a more local and inclusive food system. The organization serves a crucial, but often invisible, part of the local food system acting as a facilitator by our values-based approach to ensure all entities along the supply chain, from farmers and farmworkers to consumers, benefit from our food systems model.