Dulce Tradicion
City: Albuquerque, nm, 87105
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About Us
Learn More About Our Founder: Carmen Moran
Originally from Durango, Mexico, Carmen moved to the land of enchantment (New Mexico) to secure a better future for her family. Ever since she was younger, Carmen had a particular interest in baking. She loved making all kinds of desserts including cakes and cookies. One day, a friend of hers introduced her to the famous New Mexican delicacy known as biscochitos. Ever since then, Carmen worked diligently to create her own recipe for these delicious biscochitos. She would often make her biscochitos and give them to her friends and family as gifts. If there was ever an event, Carmen would always bring a batch of her cookies. After receiving such a positive response from the people that would try her cookies, Carmen decided that she wanted to share her delicious cookies with others as well. So in 2017 she founded her own business and began selling her cookies.
“Dulce Tradicion is a locally owned small business located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Owner, Carmen Moran, Started her business back in October of 2017 out of a love for baking and making cookies. She found a passion particularly for creating New Mexico's traditional cookies known as “Biscochitos”. Her handmade cookies are known for their melt-in-your-mouth texture and delicious biscochito flavor that New Mexicans know and love. Perfect for weddings, family gatherings, business meetings, or celebrations, biscochitos have a way of bringing people together and providing pure delight. Just ask anyone who has tried them.“