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Bate Bate Chocolate
City: Albuquerque, NM,
About Us
Bate Bate Chocolate:
Bate Bate Chocolate is a New Mexico based chocolate company offering handcrafted bean-to-bar chocolate. As a company dedicated to culture, tradition, community, and quality, each micro-batch is made using single origin beans from social, ecological, and economically sustainable supply chains. Holding the belief that the best way to understand a place is through its food, each inclusion bar is intentionally handcrafted to reflect some of our unique Southwest culture. The hope is that this chocolate offers customers the opportunity to gain knowledge about the chocolate making process and immerse themselves in tasting high quality cacao. We hope you can feel that when a chocolate bar is made here at Bate Bate, we are giving more than just chocolate. We are giving our history, our time, our skill, our respect, and our love.
About the Owner:
Belen, a Las Vegas NM native, has had a mission to showcase the unique and magical qualities of each cacao bean. Her craft chocolate arrives as fermented and dried beans from different countries, then she continues its processing by roasting, cracking and winnowing, tempering and molding the bars herself. She puts love and intention into her craft and hopes to continue to build community and unite people through food.